Success stories, flyers, and videos

See how we’ve helped customers across a broad range of industries, and get more details about how FedEx SenseAwareSM can solve a variety of challenges.

Customer success stories

Pharmacist taking a pill bottle out of a box in a pharmacy.
Verifying the security and temperature of high-value pharmaceuticals
Man in a lab coat and safety glasses using a microscope in a lab.
Keeping healthcare products in sight
Woman taking a pill bottle out of a small box in a kitchen.
Making a complex pediatric clinical trial possible
Closeup of gloved hands with a pipette and tubes in a lab.
Delivering peace of mind for irreplaceable specimens
Two men working on small electronics while seated at a table.
SenseAware helps monitor critical space assets
Man inspecting a jet engine with an open box next to him.
Keeping critical tools in sight
A man and woman with an open box on a work bench in front of a jet engine in a maintenance facility.
Improving visibility and reaction time for critical aircraft parts


Monitor shipments in real time with SenseAware, a FedEx innovation.
Success Story: MNX boosts security with SenseAware
Success Story: Monitoring custom satellites

Informational Flyers

Man with a headset on looking at a computer screen displaying a satellite map view.
FedEx SenseAware Single Journey at a glance
Man putting a large item wrapped in bubble wrap into a wooden box.
Challenge: High-security shipments
Man inspecting a bottle of wine next to a table with a box and several bottles of wine.
Get the inside story on your valuable products
Person in a lab coat and blue gloves taking petri dishes and a foil-wrapped package out of a FedEx box.
Challenge: Temperature-sensitive shipments
Two men inspecting the inner workings of an airplane.
Monitor your critical parts, assets and tools 24/7
Woman with a headset smiling and looking at a computer screen.
SenseAware Setup and Monitoring
Man in blue shirt sitting and looking at a laptop in a warehouse.
Know what’s going on in your shipment — now