There’s valuable, and then there’s priceless.

When high-value or vital shipments are on the line, FedEx SenseAwareSM helps reduce the risk of lost or stolen contents and speed up recoveries by providing real-time data about them before, during, and after delivery. See your package’s location down to street level. Set geofenced areas so you know if the package goes off course. You can even get an alert if the package has been opened.

See how we can help with security and compliance

Whether it’s financial documents going to a bank or customer data tapes traveling to a vault, MNX Global Logistics monitors critical shipments with SenseAware. When failure is not an option, MNX counts on SenseAware to boost security.

Man putting a large item wrapped in bubble wrap into a wooden box.
Find out how you can add an extra layer of security to your high-value shipments and inventory with SenseAware.
Pharmacist taking a pill bottle out of a box in a pharmacy.
Learn how a pharmaceutical manufacturer replaced two different data loggers with SenseAware to verify transit, custody, and temperature integrity of high-value pharmaceuticals.
Man inspecting a bottle of wine next to a table with a box and several bottles of wine.
Get the inside story on your valuable products: See how SenseAware provides condition, location, and security information to monitor high-value shipments and products.

See SenseAware in action

Once a device is activated, journey participants can view location and other data about the shipment by logging in to their SenseAware account. Here are some examples of what a journey looks like.

SenseAware screen displaying location information on a map.

Location is posted at every communication interval along with environmental data, enabling you to see exactly where it is.

SenseAware screen displaying security information on a map.

Users can create geofences to alert stakeholders when the shipment nears, enters, and leaves the designated area, and journey participants can see a map of the area on their dashboard.

SenseAware screen displaying light-detection data on a map.

Designate light-detection alerts to know whether your package was opened. In this case, light was detected only after the package was confirmed as received.

Ready to get started?

Learn how to put SenseAware to work for you. Start by choosing which service best suits your needs.

For frequent enhanced monitoring and control over journeys, SenseAware Subscription offers unlimited use for a monthly fee.

If you have one-off or infrequent needs and want extra assistance, try SenseAware Single Journey.