A lot can happen before origin A or after destination B.

With items that need certain environmental conditions, you need quality assurance before courier pickup and even after the package is delivered. Use FedEx SenseAwareSM to verify integrity and custodial control throughout the shipment’s full journey — monitoring starts when the device is activated and doesn’t stop until it’s turned off. Keep on top of temperature, humidity, pressure, and shock, and invite stakeholders to join the journey for peace of mind and easier collaboration.

See how we can help with quality and integrity

Person in a lab coat and blue gloves taking petri dishes and a foil-wrapped package out of a FedEx box.
Learn how you can use SenseAware to monitor and verify the integrity of temperature-sensitive shipments and inventory throughout your supply chain.
Closeup of gloved hands with a pipette and tubes in a lab.
A cancer diagnostic testing lab used SenseAware to enhance shipment visibility and control while providing their customers with peace of mind for irreplaceable specimens.
Man in a lab coat and safety glasses using a microscope in a lab.
Keep healthcare products in sight: Whether it’s shipping a single specimen or storing a pallet of expensive diagnostic equipment, SenseAware lets you know where they are and their condition.
Woman taking a pill bottle out of a small box in a kitchen.
Find out how a clinical supply management provider used SenseAware to monitor shipment integrity and dosage compliance, making a complex pediatric clinical trial possible.

See SenseAware in action

Once a device is activated, journey participants can view temperature and other data about the shipment by logging in to their SenseAware account. Here are some examples of what a journey looks like.

SenseAware screen displaying humidity and barometric pressure data.

Receive humidity and barometric pressure readings on your sensitive shipments.

SenseAware screen displaying temperature and location data.

Designate temperature parameters for package contents and receive alerts when the product exceeds the thresholds. Temperature data can also be seen in the context of location for optimal determination of whether the excursion is a genuine concern.

Data graphed onto a chart.

Temperature data is also presented in various charts along with other data to identify problems and successes.

SenseAware screen displaying journey data.

You can’t fix what you can’t measure. SenseAware provides extensive details and calculations to enable better decision making.

Satellite view of a map with data on top.

See flight paths and GPS tracking of road journeys in your journey dashboard.

Ready to get started?

Learn how to put SenseAware to work for you. Start by choosing which service best suits your needs.

For frequent enhanced monitoring and control over journeys, SenseAware Subscription offers unlimited use for a monthly fee.

If you have one-off or infrequent needs and want extra assistance, try SenseAware Single Journey.