Out of your hands but in your control.

Time is money, so you need a way to ensure parts, tools, and products are where they’re supposed to be at the right time. Always have your inventory in sight with FedEx SenseAwareSM. When knowing the exact timing and location of your delivery is paramount, you can monitor the status of its integrity, location, and security.

Monitoring custom satellites

See how a space firm used SenseAware to monitor one-of-a-kind satellites as they moved from the production facility to the launch site.

Two men working on small electronics while seated at a table.
Explore how a space firm used SenseAware to monitor the location and condition of their valuable space assets.
Two men inspecting the inner workings of an airplane.
See how aerospace companies use SenseAware to monitor critical parts, assets, and tools 24/7, and maintain visibility in a fast-paced, mission-critical environment.
A man and woman with an open box on a work bench in front of a jet engine in a maintenance facility.
As the world’s largest express transportation company, FedEx Express must ensure the timely delivery of critical maintenance and repair parts. That’s why our AOG team uses SenseAware.

See SenseAware in action

Once a device is activated, journey participants can view where it is on the route and other data about the shipment by logging in to their SenseAware account. Here are some examples of what a journey looks like.

SenseAware screen displaying data about a flight.

Anyone who needs to know the exact location and timing of the shipment can be added as a journey participant — customize the alerts and level of visibility for each person.

Satellite view of a map with data on top.

Receive notifications of missed flights or delayed arrivals, and check the dashboard to see if the scheduled and actual times match.

Ready to get started?

Learn how to put SenseAware to work for you. Start by choosing which service best suits your needs.

For frequent enhanced monitoring and control over journeys, SenseAware Subscription offers unlimited use for a monthly fee.

If you have one-off or infrequent needs and want extra assistance, try SenseAware Single Journey.