Part of a long history of FedEx innovations.

In 1978, FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith made a now-legendary statement: “The information about the package is just as important as the package itself.” A few years before, he’d founded FedEx, and a new industry — overnight shipping — was born, as was a company with innovation imprinted into its DNA.

That’s why in 2009, recognizing a customer need for monitoring beyond standard package tracking and data loggers, we revolutionized the shipping industry yet again by developing a first-of-its-kind advanced monitoring service: FedEx SenseAware.

SenseAware provided a level of real-time visibility never before possible in shipping — including location, temperature, light exposure, and more. Today, it’s used to monitor shipments of time-sensitive repair parts, priceless valuables, perishable medical samples, and more. We continue to enhance and update devices to enhance versatility and capabilities.

FedEx even uses a form of SenseAware technology to give us higher visibility of urgent and premium shipments. In December 2020, the first COVID-19 vaccine shipments made their way across the country — accompanied by SenseAware ID location monitoring.

FedEx SenseAware in the news

FedEx Prepares for COVID-19 Vaccine Volume Growth, Begins Shipping Newly Approved Vaccine

Mostly white SenseAware ID device.

FedEx to Transform Package Tracking with SenseAware ID, the Latest Innovation in FedEx Sensor Technology

The latest innovations in FedEx sensor-based logistics

Enhanced location visibility for FedEx

FedEx now employs a form of SenseAware technology to give FedEx Operations extended visibility into the movement of premium packages. The new SenseAware ID device provides a new level of location-tracking precision that helps improve the safety, security, and timeliness of deliveries.

Mostly white SenseAware M4 device.

Versatile new device for SenseAware customers

A new LTE device from the M (mobile) series is the most versatile in the FedEx SenseAware portfolio: It has an array of sensors, a FedEx proprietary airplane mode, and the ability to operate inside and outside of FedEx transportation networks.