About FedEx SenseAwareSM devices

SenseAware advanced monitoring uses a multi-sensor device that collects real-time data for critical shipments from the moment they’re packed and picked up to the time they’re delivered — and even beyond.

Typically placed inside packages, pallets, trailers, and warehouses, the device monitors items it’s traveling with and transmits the data via wireless communication to an online application for tracking and analysis. During air travel, SenseAware records data and information, and reports those upon landing.

SenseAware uses a global positioning system (GPS) and location-based services (LBS) provided by cell tower proximity to collect its location data, and an integrated cellphone to communicate data collected during shipments or in a static environment.

Detailed device information

The following devices may be provided for SenseAware Subscription or Single Journey service, depending on availability and specific requirements.

Mostly white SenseAware M4 device.

FedEx SenseAware M4 device

The latest and most versatile in the FedEx SenseAware portfolio, this LTE device has an array of sensors, a FedEx proprietary airplane mode, and the ability to operate inside and outside of FedEx transportation networks.

Mostly red SenseAware 3000 device.

SenseAware 3000

The SenseAware 3000 has advanced monitoring abilities and communicates with a robust application via a 3G cellular network. This device also supports a dry ice and a cryogenic probe to help monitor integrity of your product at temperatures as low as -195 degrees Celsius.

Orange SenseAware PT300D device.

SenseAware PT300D

The SenseAware PT300D also operates on a 3G cellular network. This device can report as frequently as every one minute, giving more visibility into your supply chain. Superior location reading paired with the light-detection feature help get deeper insight into the security of your product.

Innovation born of customer needs

SenseAware was developed by the FedEx innovation team to address a need for sensor-based information that could be shared dynamically and in real time. We’ve introduced several enhancements and improvements over the years.

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